Bookkeeping is the least enjoyable part of running your business.

Let's take if off your hands.

Jamaica number one bookkeeping service for small businesses.
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Keeping your books straight is just the beginning.

We go way beyond that, and pay your bills, manage your budget, help with collections and make sure your GCT, NIS, NHT and taxes are collected and paid on time. For your business or personal accounts.

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Get Personalized Bookkeeping

FAJ is the personalized bookkeeping service designed for Jamaican small businesses and Jamaican high net worth individuals.

We made sure to combine the best parts of technology and the human touch to create an experience unlike any other. Real people you can call, message or email at anytime from anywhere.

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We start by setting up your accounting in a secure online system such as Quickbooks, Wave or your preferred online accouting software. Putting your accounting online ensures security, stability and convenience.

Weekly Updates And Reporting

We can then visit your office to gather your records or you send them via email. These are then properly added to your accounting system. As a bonus, your paper and other records are electronically filed (a paper filing service in your office is also available) so they can be instantly searched going back in the past.

Personal Privacy

FAJ takes your business and personal privacy very seriously. We use Multi Factor Authentication for all online services.

Your financial situation is never discussed or shared with anyone you have not allowed us to. Please read our privacy policy to see how we handle your confidential data.

Financial Assistant Jamaica - FAJ Personal Privacy

Taxes & Statutory Deductions

Whether it's for your business or personal finances, we can prepare, file and pay your taxes on your behalf. We can get you help to setup payment plans or negotiate settlements for past due taxes.

Bills, Income, Payroll, Budgeting & Advice

A key aspect of running your business is relaxing, knowing that your employees and bills are paid and you have sufficient income coming in.

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