Our Story

Just like you, we wanted to focus on the things that we loved too. The everyday stuff seemed like a chore. This is why we started FAJ.

Our services were born out of the need to help entrepreneurs and small business owners who needed to be organized administratively and financially, but were unable to afford the high cost attached to these services or couldn’t find a provider that would 

When one is trying to launch one’s business, it is difficult to concentrate on their core competencies and to keep track of being: tax compliant,  ensure all expense/receipts are properly recorded, records are preserved, and ensure that they are on sound financial footing.

We understand first hand the tightrope that one has to walk to keep expense and income on a balance. This is the reason that the support offered by us gives great value for money as it offers proficiency that is extremely important to any business for maximum profitability.

We specialize in virtual and onsite administrative and accounting function. The team comprises of individuals with over thirty years administrative and accounting experience in the private and public sector.

FAJ is a plus to any privately owned business as it provides the support that increasingly entrepreneur business owners need.

Our mandate is to take care of all your business paperwork, administrative and accounting function in a professional, reliable, timely and affordable manner.

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