Admin Services

The convenient and fast way to get things done around your office (and your life). Consider it done.

You're a busy entrepreneur. You want to hire, fire, do paperwork and all the little things that you are just too busy to do because you're spending time with customers.

Here's how we can give you back your time...

  • Drafting of correspondence to customers, suppliers and staff
  • Creation and maintenance of a filing system
  • Monitoring and processing of business email
  • Management of meetings, events and appointments
  • Facilitation of ad hoc queries
  • Communication with clients as instructed 
  • Preparation of scheduled reports
  • Ordering and maintenance of office supplies
  • Support for bookkeeping and budgeting procedures
  • Scheduling and arrangement of transportation
  • Liaison with staff members to maintain effective and efficient operations
  • Screen applicants for potential employment
  • Management of employee and payroll files
  • Management of business calendar
  • Coordination of special projects
  • Management of staff schedules
  • Assistance with the coordination of marketing and promotional activities
  • General research
  • Proposal of more efficient administrative procedures
  • Coordination of staff uniforms
  • and so much more...

How it works

1. Start by sending your request to Be clear and tell us exactly what you want the results to be. As long as the task is legal and within our bounds to do, we'll accept almost anything - business or personal.

2. We'll let you know when it will be done and if there are any clarifications needed. Most tasks can be completed in the same day, others might spread over a couple of days. Some tasks can be set to repeat every day, week, forthight or month.

3. Your task is executed and any results sent to you. Even if there are no results to report, we will still tell you it has been completed and what happened.

Consider it done.

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