Digital Organic Marketing

Are you reaching out to your customers? What about finding new ones? FAJ can deliver new customers to you and help existing ones come back.

FAJ has developed a proven online inbound marketing process that provides complete transparency about organization, planning and objectives. It works for businesses offering products and services to Jamaicans.

What really matters?

The first thing is to put together what your success metric is. Generally this is a sale, a lead or some other thing that leads to revenue for your business. Contrary to what the internet might say, this is not follows, likes or shares.

Let's build your marketing engine

Next, your current situation is analyzed. We take into consideration your current sales channels, who your audience is and what’s required for your website, newsletters and social media.

A plan is developed that determines the kinds of content we need to develop for you, how often it should be done and who it should be targeted to.

Building marketing channels

This step involves creating a new website or adjusting your current website to fit within the parameters of the marketing engine. It also means we create or optimize any social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Crucially we also setup your email marketing campaign and import your customers into this mailing list.


Now that the marketing channels are created, we start to generate content to place into your marketing channels every week. This means a schedule for posting content to the website, social media pages and newsletter.

Observe results

Watching results are crucial. Every month we step back and see the outcome of the last 4 weeks. Are you getting more leads or purchases? All this comes in a report to you at the end of every period.

Only one thing matters

Despite what the internet says, the only thing that should matter to you -- are sales. Not follows. Not likes. Not retweets. Not reshares. If you are not getting sales, none of the above metrics matter.

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