Digital Marketing Experience & Case Studies

It's one thing to say we can do online marketing,  but Ericson Smith has experience going back years and  years in bringing people online to generate leads and new business.

Travel Agency Tribes

Ericson setup and built the marketing engine that powers hundreds and hundreds of travel agencies across North America. This includes designing the structure of websites to maximally attract the right audience and ensuring when visitors arrive, they tell agencies "where they want to go". He also built the newsletter systems, social media posting system and architected the technology to pull it all together.

Ashebre Virtual Restaurant

Ericson is currently building the lead generation engine for Oji Jaja's Ashebre - one of the leading caterers in Jamaica. It involves taking an existing website and turning on leads, setting up a newsletter and running Facebook Lead generation ads.

Didit Search Marketing

Ericson developed the Pay Per Click analytic system that was responsible for tracking milliions of daily web visitor interactions from conducting searches through performing concrete action (orders, forms, calls) on their customers websites. If you clicked on an ad in Google in the early 2000's you probably ran through some of his code.

Google Ericson Smith 

Go ahead, just Google Ericson Smith (click the link above). He believes in the value of the internet in bringing benefit to your business -- in the same way that it does for him. 

How does your business benefit?

When we do marketing for you, its not about likes, follows, views, shares or comments. It's not about social media marketing.

Those things don't mean a thing.

The most important thing we can do for you is bring in more sales, grow your mailing list and increase the number of leads and inquiries.

No matter where that traffic or source of customers arrive from.

And we are not a marketing agency that demands large funds up-front. Everything is based on an affordable monthly fee. If it does not work out -- no one loses.

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