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How to apply for GCT Exemption Certificate in Jamaica

The GCT Act allows for certain persons to acquire goods or services, which attract a positive rate of tax, at zero percent. The process more

How does GCT works

The General Consumption Tax (GCT) is a tax based on consumption.  Most goods or services bought or sold will attract GCT. Those that do more

How to correctly charge GCT in Jamaica

A Registered Taxpayer is liable to account for GCT on taxable supplies he makes within Jamaica on goods and services. Therefore, to ensure that more

How to apply for GCT Refund in Jamaica

To apply for GCT Refund Log in to the TAJ website with your relevant username and password then select eServices. On the left there is more

What Is The Income Tax Threshold for Non-Pensioners in Jamaica

What is Income Tax Threshold? The income tax threshold is the part of a person's income that is not taxed. The Jamaican Income Tax Threshold for more

What Is The Income Tax Threshold for Pensioners Who Are Over 65 years old in Jamaica?

Who are pensioners? In Jamaica, a pensioner is anyone who receives a pension from a Statutory Pension Scheme. Example NIS or an Approved Super Annuation Scheme What more

What Is The Income Tax Threshold for Pensioners Who Are Under 65 Years Old in Jamaica

Who are pensioners? In Jamaica, a pensioner is anyone who receives a pension from a Statutory Pension Scheme. Example NIS or an Approved Super Annuation Scheme What is the income tax more

How Can An Employment Tax Credit Help Your Business in Jamaica?

Have you ever wondered how you as an employer or self-employed person can qualify for an Employment Tax Credit? In this article below, it more

How To File SO2 For Your Employees Online in Jamaica

As an employer, one of the toughest jobs is paying your employees and figuring out how to file payroll taxes as a small business. more

Are You Ready For A Tax Audit?

Hi Guys, A Tax Audit is an examination of an organization's or individual's tax return to verify that financial information is being reported correctly. How are you selected for an Audit more

The ultimate way your business loses money

According to "Mobile commerce revenue was $170 billion in 2016, and it is estimated to be $694 billion by 2019". "By 2020, mobile commerce more

Easily Track Money In Your Business

Hi Guys, Over the period we have had many calls asking us, how our system works. Our system is pretty simple An online accounting system is set more

How To Object To A Tax Department Assessment

Hi Guys, You have received a letter from the Tax Department advising that you owe taxes. Upon examining the document you realized that you were more

Stop worrying about Facebook likes!

Stop worrying about how many likes you get!  Whether you are new to social media or have thousands of followers. It’s time to stop obsessing more

Do you want a free marketing strategy?

It’s January. So people are joining the gym. Setting personal resolutions and writing down what they want their businesses to do.  I don’t get all more

Jamaican back taxes 2017?

Let me ask you something... was your accounting in order for 2017? If it's not, we can do some things for you: Help you organize your numbers Find more

What I'm reading right now?

Recently i've been reading a lot more. I'm saying that because as we get deeper in our businesses, its really hard to keep learning something. So I more

Are you ready for GCT/PAYE and taxes In 2018?

Another year. Taxes are behind. And you have no regular accountant. You know it has to be fixed, but the cost of doing it has you worried. more

How NIDS can help Jamaican businesses

A lot has been said about NIDS - the new Jamaican National Identification System that's being designed now. How can it help (or hurt) businesses? RIght now, more

I can't find good workers, can you?

Finding good employees is the hardest challenge all Jamaican businesses face. It just seems people flake out at the slightest challenge, don't show up, or really more

Friday Profile - La Marie Spa Institute

As we continue to take a look at exciting businesses in Jamaica, this Friday's feature is the La Marie Spa/Institute. We met the owner of the spa, more

Look for this one thing when hiring Jamaican employees....

People who are proactive. Last week I was talking to the owner of Body Shop Limited, a local business in Kingston who deals in accessories for pickups more

How to make your Jamaican business get found online

I was talking to a guy working on a stone wall at home and he asked me how he could find more customers. (He does more

Do you need to find Jamaican workers?

Your company needs workers, but very few applicants are qualified. You no longer need just a receptionist. You need a receptionist that can deal with website, email and social more

How not to do marketing

I was walking back to the office near Cross Roads an hour ago and saw this... (Photo by Ericson Smith) There were a bunch of four athletic young more

Falling through the cracks...

If you have a business where customers are requesting help all the time, how are you recording and responding to each request? How do you know more

Friday Profile - Surgix

Earlier this week, we got a call from Surgix. They help people who've been in accidents and trauma, who have spinal problems, need skin and bone more

GCT and Taxes - are yours ok?

It's not going to go away by itself. And you've put off doing it for too long now. Eventually someone is going to notice.  No, we're not more

Here's why I love "Why"

When was the last time you asked yourself "why"? Recently, we've been meeting with a diverse bunch of Jamaican businesses. And I noticed that our pitches with "What" more

Is Jamaican Customer Service Just a Buzzword?

On Saturday I was blown away by an encounter at Courts Optical in Half Way Tree. So I took my two year old son Josh to get tested more

Something New in Jamaica...

As we meet new businesses every week, I decided to try something new.  Every Friday, we'll feature one of the businesses we came across.  Today, its Ashebre, more

Try our Corporate Assistant Service for free!

What if your company had an assistant? We're testing a personal assistant service for companies. Want to try a few requests? Some examples: Do some research Fill out more

Is Jamaica too tied to the past?

Have you ever been somewhere and seen something that makes no sense, only to hear: "It's management policy"? Or were you in a store and had to visit 2 more

Websites in Jamaica - do you still need one?

Hi guys, "Why can't I just use Facebook?" - is what we normally hear. It's easy. Everyone's on Facebook. So they are bound to find my page, more

Is Your Website Enough?

Hi Guys, Ever since the internet launched -- there is one question I've gotten at least once a week since 1996: "Can you build a website for me?" more

So You Want To Get A Loan In Jamaica... What's Next?

Hi Guys, Part of growing your business in Jamaica, is applying for loans.  But it seems like financial institutions go the extra mile to ask for documentation that more

Why Am I Emailing? Pt 2

Hi Guys, For the past two weeks you have been hearing from Ericson, so with questions being asked who we are and what do we do? more

Is Jamaican Customer Service That Bad?

Near the end of the summer holidays, I was fortunate enough to be sitting at a hotel in Portland -- and fell into talking with more

Here's Why Email Marketing Work in Jamaica...

When I talk to potential customers, there's always some skepticism about email. And rightly so. Because our inboxes are filled with junk that we totally ignore. more

So You Owe GCT/Income Taxes, Now What?

Nobody likes owing taxes. Whether its GCT, Income Taxes, or any of the numerous Jamaican taxes in-between. Worse, you may not have filed them at more

Why Am I Sending You These Emails?

A question we got a lot of recently, was "who are you and why are you sending these emails?". All my life I've started businesses. The more

Why Resumes Don't Work In Jamaica Anymore

For some time now, I realized that resumes don't work. Why? Pretty much every one reads the same. People want to be a "team player", or more

Still Using Yahoo Mail for Your Jamaican Business?

You shouldn't and here's why... Every day as I drive around Kingston, I see huge billboards and signs with emails ending with Yahoo, Gmail and (shudder) Hotmail. more

Is It Hard To Run A Jamaican Business?

Yes. Of course. Running a business in Jamaica is hard. From getting customers, to hiring staff, to keeping on top of the taxes and statutory deductions (don' more